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Welcome to the restoration Web log for Nina Simone Birthplace located at 30 East Livingston Street in Tryon, North Carolina USA a project of BnESCO

The Nina Simone Birthplace is a privately funded demonstration project that helps tell the story of an American family, a nurturing community, and a little girl born on February 21, 1933 who would grow up to introduce to the world a unique infusion of pop, gospel, classical, jazz, folk, and ballads -- that she would call, “Black Classical Music.”

This site has been designed to help document the preservation efforts, answer questions about the history of the property, and explore how the house and garden would have fit into the community context of 1933.


As we have posted in the Web log, the restoration and interpretation of the Waymon Family Garden demonstration project is made possible through first hand accounts of Waymon family members as well as general research compiled by Richard Westmacott in his book, AFRICAN AMERICAN GARDENS AND YARDS OF THE RURAL SOUTH (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1992). Images from the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection of the Library of Congress are also being used in planning the restoration and interpretation.

Please note also that Farm Security Administration Best Practices (1932) have been included in the Waymon Family Garden restoration and interpretation to acknowledge (abeit conjecture) that J.D. Waymon would have had access to best practices through his contact with the Civilian Conservation Corps. These practices include the use of mulch as a moisture retainer and weed control in community gardens. The use of mulch is not traditionally associated with African-American gardens in the rural south. (R. Westmacott)

For more information on the Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Collection of photographs at the Library of Congress, please visit,



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