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EW Birthplace

This is the southeast corner on the garden side of the house. The image shows the original end of the structure and an addition extending the width of the back porch. A bathtub is located behind the fiberboard of the addition. Until this addition was added, an outhouse was used on the property in two different locations. First hand accounts place the original outhouse (in use in 1933) to the left of where this picture was taken. An outhouse constructed of the same material as the clap board on the west side of the house was removed from the southwest corner of the property in 2004 due to grading that would have destroyed the structure when the Lyle House was taken down next door. That outhouse is now being stored off-site in Tryon.

Note the concrete block can be seen extending beyond the end of the original structure and under the addition. As a result, the original back wall of the house lacks proper support and is sagging.